Advantages of sliding sash windows

Sliding Sash windows are unquestionably the most elegant and exceptional window in the UK. With an elegant style and timeless quality, adding a Sliding Sash window to your residential or commercial property will entirely alter the look to your house, while still providing you with the security required.

As the uPVC Sliding Sash is designed with long life and low upkeep in mind, you can feel confident that our windows are the ideal option for providing your house a timeless and traditional look. All of our windows come with a 10-year service warranty, providing you with the highest level of performance, security and security.

Premium Safety Features

In addition to effortless operation and weather condition defense, you can relax understanding our vertically sliding windows are fitted with a premium system which stops the bottom sash from sliding fully. Not only will this protect your kids from trapping their fingers, it too prevents unintentional slamming on the windowsill surface.

Impressive weatherproofing

Thanks to our modern and wisely designed smooth fits, leaks will never be an issue you need to experience with our sliding sash windows. With our state of the art cutting machines, we have actually increased natural drain minimised the wetness develop throughout all our windows in order to keep your houses secured from what’s occurring on the outside.

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